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The Management of Callaway Diesel recognise the inherent risks associated with our operations, and are thus committed to ensuring the health, safety & wellness of all employees, those visiting the site and others with whom we work. We believe that the health and safety of our team contributes in a significant way to the quality of our work and the success of our business.


To maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all those associated with the Company, we will:

  • Comply with all relevant WHS Legislation, Acts and Regulations and any other requirements that are placed on us, and wherever possible exceed the minimum requirements

  • Develop, implement and maintain procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and controlling the risk of all activities

  • Establish a consultation and training program that will be maintained between management, employees, subcontractors and our clients to constantly review health, safety and work programs to achieve our aim of nil incident or illness thorough continual monitoring and improvement

  • Identify competencies required for the establishment and management of a safe and healthy workplace and ensure such competencies are retained for future reference

  • Establish procedures to identify and prevent potential emergency situations and if they occur the required response tactic

  • Ensure occupational rehabilitation for injured / ill employees without them being prejudiced or disadvantaged and to ensure that effective return to work plans are developed and implemented

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